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Left: 290-20 'Four Dreamings', Carbiene McDonald Tjangala, Ink on paper, 104 x 70 cm, 2019. Right: 296-20 'Four Dreamings', Carbiene McDonald Tjangala, Ink on paper, 104 x 70 cm, 2019.

Kwarritja Tititja

23 NOV -
01 FEB

(Now and Then)

Carbiene McDondald Tjangala

Watson Corby Tjungarrayi

Leemyn Corby Tjapaltjarri

Cayman Corby Tjapaltjarri

Cazman Corby Tjapaltjarri

Herman Corby Tjapaltjarri

Keanu Nelson Tjakamarra

Sammy Pearce Tjungarrayi

Donovan Daniels Tjungarrayi

Benedict Stevens Junior Tjapaltjarri

Zane Roberts Tjangala

Zachius Turner Anga Tjapangardi

Young Men's Collective - Tjupi Old Car Tjukurrpa

Papunya men are the forefathers of the Western Desert Dot-Painting movement, making Aboriginal Art famous in the 1970s in Papunya. However, since the exodus of the famous collective Papunya Tula during the homelands movement in the 1980s, the men of Papunya have not had a place to come together. The women of Papunya incorporated Papunya Tjupi Arts in 2007 and although seeing a strong collective of commanding women flourish as artists, the art centre has historically had a limited capacity to support male members of community interested in a career in the arts. The new Wati studio has ensured that male artists, both emerging and established, have a culturally appropriate space to paint and explore the arts.

Papunyilangru wati tjutanku tjana yurrunpa piintapalyalpayi. Tjana palyalpayi iriti 1970s piinta tjuta warkarlpayi. 1980s Papunya Tula tjana yankula wilurarra. Papunyilangru wati tjutanku ngurrangkapiinta palyalpayi, art centre wiyangka. Kungka tjutangku, wati mangkulpankutjana tjunguringkula Papunya Tjupi 2007. Wati tjutangku tjana piinta payalpayingurrangka. Kuwari wati tjutaku gallery ngaranyi nyinara palyantaku. Watingkuminyamangku kuwari piinta palyarni.

“These young fellas they already got story. They gotta hold onto it. They gotta bring back the old story. Before they didn’t know. But now they’re learning.”

Watson Corby

"Kuwari tjana yarra tjukurrpa ngatana witira kanyitjaku.Kuwari tjana irititja kulira nintikula yarra. Yurunpa wiya tjana nintinyinangu. Tjana kuwari nyintilpi nyinanyi."

Watson Corby

Keanu Nelson
I like to paint story and my Dreaming in the Wati room
Ngayulu yuntju piintangka tjukurrpa yarra palyantjaku art centre watiku

"We sometime go on bush trip out on country. We love to go to Ulamabarra to paint and cook up roo-tail and hang out with friends. We load up the troopie with paint, canvas and paper, water and food and pick up everyone from their houses to go out bush for the day."

Leemyn Corby

"Ngangana art centrengurru ankulu outside piintapalyalpayi. Ngangana tjunguringkula ankupayi art centre wantira bushingkapiinta, palyarni. Kuka marlu kutjarra tjunguringkula kuka ngalkura wankarrayarra. Wankarra piinta kampatjanka tjukurrpa nganampa warrkarni. Nganganamangari, kuka, kapi, piipa, piinta, bratji. Ngangana wati tjuta tjungurikulaart centre mutukayi tjintu kutju."

Leemyn Corby

Cayman Corby
What I like most about painting is painting on things like metal, which I have never done before
Ngayulu yuntjuringanyi piinta palyantjaku kuyakuya metula tjanu. Ngayulu wiya yunrunpa palyalpayi
Leemyn Corby 333-20
Yurrukulinytjaku Tjilpi Tjuta
Synthetic polymer on found materials (metal)
11 x 16 cm

"We like to experiment with different materials, like ink and paper, or looking for pieces of rusted metal to paint on too. This is a collection of work we have done throughout the year. It shows us experimenting and trying new materials."

Leemyn Corby

"Ngangana ngurrinyi kutjupa kutjupa tjutaku. Ngurirairitita mantjira metala. Ngangana kuwari kutjupa tjuta ngakula palyarni. Ngangana kutjupa kuwarita nyakula mantjini."

Leemyn Corby