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Puuni Brown Nungarrayi 424-21

Kapi Tjukurrpa
Synthetic polymer on paper
47 x 22 cm
This painting tells a Kapi Tjukurrpa (water dreaming) story of Wantupunyu. Wantupunyu is Punni's grandfather's Country and the site is to the north of Papunya and west of the sacred mountain Karinyarra. Punni leant to paint this story from her Mother's paintings, Isobel Gorey Nambajimba, who is a prolific painter and a director at Papunya Tjupi. Water dreaming sites are important for the regeneration of nature. The water makes the country green and brings a lot of 'bush tucker' foods for the people and the animals. The heavy rain usually comes in the summer time. When the lightening can be seen at a distance, the elders will start singing to the lightening, encouraging it to bring more rain to replenish the land. In her paintings, Puuni depicts lightening, rainbows, puddles and bush flowers. In this painting the central shapes are important water or rock hole site. The lines represent the elements of a storm - wind, rain, thunderclouds and lightning. The patterns represent rain and water flowing from the waterholes and flooding the usually dry creek beds.
$ 100.00 AUD
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