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Mona Nangala 456-21

Tali- Papunya Tjukurrpa
Ink on paper
121 x 81 cm
In this work Mona has depicted Tali (sandhills) Kapi (water) and Mangarri (Bush Tucker) dreaming stories from Papunya and surrounding areas. Mona has used the natural designs of tali or sand hills that predominate the country around Papunya as her inspiration for this painting. The tali form waves across the desert.The lines represent kapi tjukurrpa (water dreaming) and the dots represent Mangarri Tjuta (all the bush tucker). Mona has been painting at Papunya Tjupi since 2011 initially painting her women's story. In recent years though Mona has been focusing on her own unique expression of water dreaming with tali (sandhill) which are increasingly sought after by national and international collectors. Mona comes to Papunya Tjupi Art Centre on most days and sits for hours placing dot after dot on her Tali paintings with great care and attention.
$ 1,000.00 AUD
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