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Leemyn Corby Tjapaltjarri 184-21

Papunya Football Team
Linocut on paper
56 x 38 cm
"Tiima ngayukuya, tiima ngyuku, papunya tiima ngayuku yuwa. Tjana ankula tawunu pliitipayi, every weekend and ngururrpa ngarripayi ankula yuwa." "They’re my team, yeah Pupanya’s my team. They always go to town to play football, every weekend, in between they camp." Three young men dressed in their football uniforms, playing for the Papunya Eagles. The wording Tjupi (honey ant) derives its meaning from significant Tjukurrpa (dreaming) at Papunya. Leemyn is experimenting with a new medium for the first time, as well and new subject matter inspired by books and images collected at the Papunya school archive.
$ 200.00 AUD
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