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Justin Allen 431-21

Pilkati Kutjarra Tjukurrpa
Ink on paper
38.1 x 28.5cm
This is a painting of Pilkati Kutjarra Tjukurrpa (Two Snake Dreaming) passed to the artist from his fathers younger brother Roley Major, who is indeed depicted in the work. In anangu (Aborginal) conceptions of family, Roley is the artists father. Two Tjangala men are seated at Lake McDonald near to Kintore facing eachother. Between them is a water hole. Behind them are series of Tali (sand dunes) and to the sides of them are formations of dry sand. The two men and the two snakes are one in the same: they are simultaneously men and snakes. They are extremely powerful and possess the will to bring rain, summon the bush tucker to grow and change colours. If someone lights a fire they can send strong winds, causing the fire to spread.
$ 100.00 AUD
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