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Candy Nelson Nakamarra 357-21

Screenprint and ink on paper
56.5 x 38.3 cm
The painting depicts designs associated with Kapi Tjukurrpa (Water Dreaming) at Kalipinypa a site northwest of Sandy Blight Junction, Western Australia.The Tjukurrpa tells of an important rain making ceremony to invoke the elements. It is a powerful storm bringing on the lightning, thunderclouds and rain sending its deluge to rejuvenate the earth, filling rock holes, clay pans and creeks. It has the power to create new life and growth upon the land. The different elements of the image represent puuli (hills), tali (sandhills) and kapi (water). Plants and leaves spring up after the heavy rain, nourishing the land and the people. The concentric circles represent waterholes, while the arrow shapes represent the footprints of the white heron that frequents the site.
$ 300.00 AUD
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